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The smartwatch allows GPS tracking and direct communication between the patient and the caregiver(s)


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The motion analysis camera allows to track movement in an open space. We are using the data to learn the patient's health status depending on the movement.


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The smart shoes are tracking the number of steps of the patient

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The vINCI APP is a mobile application designed for tablets and/or smartphones, that allows the user to monitor his/her wellbeing and quality of life and to receive feedbacks based on a clinically-validated analytical model, in the form of a report. This report will be generated in real time based on data introduced by the user and by several attachable devices. Moreover, the user can interact with the APP by replying to questionnaires about his/her perceived status, by setting timers related to the medications needed during the day, and also engaging with other persons. Several wearable devices may be connected to the APP, such as a smartwatch to count the number of steps performed daily and/ or to monitor vital signs, or a smart insole to analyse the user’s level of daily activity. These devices will provide additional data (clinical data; biological data; psychological data; social data; etc.) to the APP, in order to improve the understanding of the user’s conditions and behavior.
The user has the option to use only the services that are provided by the APP and, depending on the needs and budget, can integrate either the smart watches, the smart insole or both. Data collected from the APP can be securely shared with a caregiver or a doctor, to improve assistance and receive feedback whenever something abnormal happens.
The vINCI APP allows the user to connect a limited (suggested) range of state-of-the-art devices. Depending on the type and number of devices, the user will have access to a number of different options / reports, which will help improve the quality of life of older person. The more integrated devices there are, the more accurate and complex the results will be.

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